Giving Your House a New Look with DIY Wine Rack

Giving Your House a New Look with DIY Wine Rack

One way to decorate and change the look of your living is to build DIY Wine Rack. It changes the way you can store your wine and access it with ease when you need to serve your visitors of drink. It is simple to build and set it in place and it’s considered a key factor when it comes to home improvement. There is never a perfect time to build a rack for your wine, the fact is you need one. Whether you are building you own house or moving to a new rental house this is a key factor.

What I Need to Build a DIY Wine Rack

Before you build a DIY Wine Rack you need to identify the location you need it build and take accurate measurements. Some of the basic requirements include:tools

  • Stable nail gun
  • Tape measure
  • Table saw
  • Plywood
  • Wood screw

Once you set your measurements rights you are good to go. You need table saw to cut into pieces according to the measurements taken before you can put them together to form the frame. You will then use wood glue and a screw to put them in position after you frame them to form exactly what you want. Once the frame is set in place you need a plywood that forms the bigger part of the body and protects the wine.

How to Partition the Inner Shelves

The wine bottle must fit well into the shelf and you need to set your measurement exact to accommodate the size of the bottle. On the face side mark openings that you drill to allow the positioning of the wine in the unique position. Set the inner measurements and screw the shelves from the side to hold it well and ensure they are evenly spaced. The rack is then complete and you should mount it on the identified position.

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